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The company BeMyApp, a French company with a capital of 1.250,00 euros, whose registered office is located 18 Boulevard Michelet, 13008 Marseille, France - company registration number B 523 824 258 (Marseille RCS) - is organizing on behalf of the company LAFARGE CENTRE DE RECHERCHE, a company incorporated and registered in France, RCS Vienne B 405 158 312, with its registered office located at 95, rue du Montmurier, 38070 Saint Quentin Fallavier, France (hereafter referred to, collectively, as “Organizer”) a hackathon called “ZERO CARBON HACK” (hereafter referred to as “Competition”) from November 15th, 2019, 6:30 pm to November 17th, 2019, 7:00 pm.


The aim of the Competition is to develop, in teams and over a limited amount of time, an innovative solution around the topic: “Create sustainable buildings with concrete tech solutions”.


The Competition is free and without any purchase obligation. The Competition is open to all individuals (i) who have the age required by law in their country of residence to enter this competition, (ii) who hold a bank account in their country of tax residence, (iii) who have IT skills, technical skills, design skills, or marketing skills and (iv) who have their own computer hardware in working order throughout the duration of the Competition (hereafter referred to as “Participants”).

Employees of LafargeHolcim Group and BeMyApp and/or their affiliates, and members of their families, as well as anyone who has directly or indirectly contributed to the conception, organization or realization of the Competition, are ineligible to take part in the Competition.

The registration for the Competition is open from October 07th, 2019 until November 10th, 2019. The Competition will take place from November 15th, 2019, 06:30 pm to November 17th, 2019, 05:30 pm.

Each registration in the hackathon is individual, and only one (1) registration per person is allowed during the entire duration of the Competition.

Registering and taking part in this Competition entails full and complete acceptance of the present Rules by the Participant. Failure to comply with any one of the conditions set out in the present Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “T&C”) shall result in the invalidity of the application/participation. By consequence, the Organizer reserves the right to reject an application at any time if the profile of the Participant does not comply with the Competition requirements set forth below.

Phase 1: Registration process

Date: Between October 07th, 2019 and November 10th, 2019, 6:00 pm (Paris time).

Object: Every person wishing to participate can register online on the dedicated website for the Competition accessible at the following address: https://zerocarbonhack.bemyapp.com. Registrants must provide the following information: last name, first name, date of birth, address, phone number, email, school/company and their profile for the purpose of the Competition, as suggested on the Registration website. This information is required for the completion of their application.

Each registrant guarantees that the information entered during his/her application to the Competition is complete and accurate. Any false, incorrect or incomplete information will automatically result in the application being rejected.

Phase 1 will be closed with the selection on November 10th, 2019 of maximum 50 (fifty) registrants participating to the Competition (referred to as ”Participants” for following phases).

Phase 2: “Ideation” Online platform

Date: Between November 1st, 2019 and November 15th, 2019

Ideation Platform website address: https://connect.lafargeholcim.com/zerocarbonhack/

Object: On the above “Ideation” online platform, each Participant will exchange with mentors and other Participants their questions and ideas in order to mature them before the hackathon.

Phase 3: Beginning of the Competition

Date: On November 15th, 2019 at 06:30 pm (welcome pitch, introduction conference, teams set-up)

Place: LafargeHolcim Innovation Center, 95 rue du Montmurier, 38070 Saint-Quentin Fallavier, France

Object: Participants will meet and form teams of four (4) to six (6) Participants to focus around a single project of developing a prototype (hereafter referred to as “Teams”). A Participant cannot be a part of more than one Team. Teams will have until November 17th, 2019 at 03:00 pm to develop their prototype.

Phase 4: Start of work on the projects

Date: From November 15th, 2019 at 10:00 pm until November 17th, 2019 at 03:00 pm

Place: LafargeHolcim Innovation Center, 95 rue du Montmurier, 38070 Saint-Quentin Fallavier, France

Object: One mission: Creating scenarios that will minimize the embodied carbon footprint of the reference building via design levers. During the Competition, meals will be available to Participants for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Phase 5: Evaluation and presentation of the prototype/results

Date: On November 17th, 2019 at 03:30 pm

Place: LafargeHolcim Innovation Center, 95 rue du Montmurier, 38070 Saint-Quentin Fallavier, France

Object: From 03:30 pm, each Team will present its prototype to the jury for a duration which will be determined according to the number of developed prototypes and which will not exceed five (5) minutes, including three (3) minutes of demo and two (2) minutes of questions/answers with the jury.

Phase 6: Jury’s selection and Competition results

Date: On November 17th 2019 at 05:00 pm

Place: LafargeHolcim Innovation Center, 95 rue du Montmurier, 38070 Saint-Quentin Fallavier, France

Object: Jury’s deliberation and announcement of winning Teams and prizes.


The three (3) winning Teams will be determined by a jury of 5 to 8 members representing LafargeHolcim Group and other professionals. The composition of the jury will be communicated to the Participants at the latest on November 8th, 2019. The jury will designate the three (3) winning Teams on November 17th, 2019 near 05:30 pm.

The winners will be selected from among the Participants who actually:

Satisfy the conditions for participation as set forth in the present Rules,

Participated in the Hackathon session,

Were present during the submission of their prototype on November 17th, 2019, or – if need be – were excused by the other members of their Team.

The jury will select the winning Teams based on the following criteria:


Reduction of Embodied Carbon Footprint

Technical Feasibility

Potential Business

Smart use of Concrete

Jury decisions are final and cannot be challenged.


The Competition is endowed with three (3) prizes:

1st prize: A 6-months collaboration with LafargeHolcim to further develop their project + the sum of 5 000,00€ (five thousand euros) (divided equally between each Participant of the winning Team).

2nd prize: the sum of 3 000,00€ (three thousand euros) (divided equally between each Participant of the winning Team).

3rd prize: the sum of 2 000,00€ (two thousand euros) (divided equally between each Participant of the winning Team).

The gained prizes are neither exchangeable nor refundable against their cash value. BeMyApp and/or the Organizer reserve the right, if circumstances so require, to replace the prizes with others of equivalent value, without liability being incurred thereby.


Prizes will be addressed by the Organizer to each winning Participant within a maximum of 4 (four) months, to the postal address indicated by the winning Participant.

In the event the postal address of a winner is unusable (illegible, incomplete or erroneous) or if it is revealed that a Participant has been selected or designated as winner through the use of fraudulent means in strict opposition with the present Terms and Conditions defined by the Organizer, the latter will lose the profit of its prize and no other prize will be awarded to the winner, and the prize will not be awarded and will remain the property of the Organizer.

In addition, the Organizer cannot be held liable because of an error of routing of the prize, the loss of the prize during shipment, or inability to contact the winning Participant.

No mail will be sent to Participants who did not win.


Participant waives all of his/her claims regarding compensation against the Organizer due to his/her participation in the Competition (in particular with regards to costs incurred for participation such as transport,time spent, etc.) with the sole exception of drinks, meals and accomodation on site (for a maximum of two (2) nights) which will be supplied by the Organizer during the duration of the Competition.

The Organizer will also provide one shuttle round trip for the Participants from Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport to LafargeHolcim Innovation Center.

A travel budget of 300€ (three hundred euros) maximum will be allocated to each Participant in order to join the event. However, Participants will have to provide a bill in order to be reimbursed for their travel expenses.

Accommodation for a maximum of two (2) nights (November 15th, 2019 to November 17th, 2019) will be ensured by the Organizer and will be on LafargeHolcim Innovation Center site.


The Organizer reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify or terminate the Competition, or a part of the Competition, as a result of a force majeure event and/or for reasons or due to circumstances beyond its control, or in any case, not depending on its will, and/or to guarantee and ensure security, fairness, integrity and/or proper functioning of the Competition, without incurring liability as a result thereof.

In such case, the Organizer will provide notice thereof to the Participants by any written means of its choice (including email and/or publication on the Ideation Platform Website: https://connect.lafargeholcim.com/zerocarbonhack/), and, if the need arises, will communicate to the Participants the new Rules applicable or the new ending date of the Competition, as the case may be. Each Participant may notify the Organizer by email that s/he refuses the new conditions of the amended Rules, in which case s/he will be excluded from participating, which s/he expressly accepts. If no refusal is communicated to the Organizer within 72 hours, the new conditions of the amended Rules will be deemed to have been accepted by Participants.

In case of a modification to the Rules, cancellation or interruption of the Competition, or a reduction or an extension of its length, the Organizer waives all liability for any consequences and Participants will not be entitled to any compensation.


The Organizer may cancel all or part of participations in the Competition if it appears that fraud has occurred in any form whatsoever, in particular computer fraud, during the Competition. The Organizer reserves, in this case, the right not to award prizes to fraudsters, to disqualify the concerned creations, results and prototype project and/or to bring actions against the authors of these frauds. The Organizer shall not incur any responsibility towards the other Participants because of the committed frauds.

Furthermore, the Organizer cannot be held liable in case of damages, whether material or immaterial, and/or any consequential loss caused during the Competition and thereafter, to the Participants, to their computing equipment, or to the data, including consequences which may ensue from it on their personal, professional or commercial activity.


By the mere fact of participating in the Competition, and taking into account the Organizer’s compensation, the Participants agree that exploitation and property rights to prototypes, creations, deliverables and results, including in particular preliminary code application, software, source code, software in executable form (object code), documentation, graphics, calculations and any and all results and/or materials developed, conceived and obtained during the performance and for the purpose of the Competition by the Participants shall be the sole and entire property of the Organizer (and/or its affiliated companies), which may protect them by any means of its choice.

The Participants therefore agree to assign for free their entire rights, titles and interests to the Organizer and/or its affiliated companies in and to their prototypes, creations and the results of the Competition, with all the rights and obligations deriving there from, without territorial limitation, and for the duration of the corresponding rights, for any exclusive use and exploitation.

During the Competition, the Participants shall only use elements which are clear of any rights and are not subject to third party proprietary rights that limit or exclude their utilisation in any manner whatsoever. Any third-party elements included in the prototype, creations and/or results, including open source software, must be clearly identified with their version, the terms of the applicable license and any other details regarding their use. The Participant understands that this information is taken into account in the assessment for the allocation of a prize.

The prototypes, creations and results shall not infringe any intellectual property rights or any rights of any party. Each Participant warrants to the Organizer that their creation and their use does not infringe in any way any third-party rights, and that s/he obtained, where necessary, the written express authorization of any third party.

By joining the Competition, Participants expressly transfer for free, to the Organizer the exclusive right to use, publish, communicate, exhibit and disclose orally, graphically or in writing, projects and prototypes, creations and results presented during and after the Competition. Each Participant agrees to be mediatized (portfolio, website, etc.) and authorizes, for free, the Organizer to present all the works realized on all the communication media used in support of this Competition as well as to mention names, first names and images of the Participants.

The Participant assigns to the Organizer the intellectual property rights together with all rights and powers arising or accrued from the intellectual property rights in the prototypes, creations, deliverables and results of the Competition. For the avoidance of doubt and without limiting in any way the rights acquired by the Organizer under the present clause, the Participant acknowledges that this assignment includes:

- The right of reproduction: Reproduction of the creations or any part of the creations, without unrestricted rights, in any format and on any materials, by any means or any medium whether or not now known, allowing communication to the public including, without limitation, Internet and social media, Intranet, any interactive communication system for mobile phones, Intranet, Extranet, CD, CD-ROM, USB keys, stock photography (also called photo archive, picture library, image bank or photo bank), videotapes, DVD, Blue-ray, mailings, brochures, leaflets, catalogues, print media, packaging and point of sales materials, rates, promotional materials (pin’s, t-shirts, key rings...), newsletter, reproduction for any trademark and design and models registration or any other advertising, promotional and illustration materials for internal and external use;

- The right of representation: Communication of the creations or any part of the creations to the general public or a restricted public, through any public or private display, exhibition, presentation including without limitation its exploitation as trademark, design and models, its communication through print media, billboards, packaging and point of sale materials, brochures, leaflets, catalogues, mailings, through any multimedia broadcasting and in particular CD, CD-ROM, DVD, Blue-ray videotapes, streaming, in cinema, on Internet, Intranet, Extranet and through any network (with or without wireless) including cable television, satellite, mobile phones, Bluetooth, Wifi, through stock photography (also called photo archive, picture library, image bank or photo bank), through any promotional materials;

- The right of adaptation: Subject to compliance with moral rights, adaptation or modification of the creations or any element of the creations by any person chosen by the Organizer, for any need of communication and in particular to develop, modify, retouch, colour, extract all or any elements of the creations, to make assembly work, to modify the centring, the colours, to associate the creations with any text, legend, to combine the creations (or any part of the creations) with any other work, database, to play with the forms, to modify the size of the creations, to proceed to black and white editions or any other modification or adaptation.

Adaptation rights entail without limitation the right to translate the creations, results and deliverables, in whole or in part, in any language.

These rights are granted to the Organizer and its affiliated companies for a worldwide protection and for the full legal term of copyright and intellectual property rights in each country, without limitation of use, exploitation, representation and reproduction.

Under the present T&C and its participation in the Competition, the Participant shall not acquire any full or partial right of any kind on the names and trademarks of LafargeHolcim Group nor on any names and/or brands associated with LafargeHolcim Group, used alone, in association with or as part of another word or name, or any rights on trademarks, names or logos of LafargeHolcim Group, or any of its associated or related companies.


For the avoidance of doubt, the purpose of this authorization is to set forth the terms and conditions under which BeMyApp and/or the Organizer will, in the context of the Competition, be able to take photographs and videos representing the Participant and use these photographs and videos. The Participant agrees to be filmed or photographed during the event.

By joining the Competition, the Participant agree to the free use and distribution of their image and/or voice by the Organizer and its affiliated companies, including for promotional events occurring after the Competition. The production and distribution of recordings, films, images, images and photographs of the event will not lead to any compensation of the Participants.

Consequently, the Participant grants the right to the Organizer, its affiliated companies the right to fix, use, reproduce, adapt, publish, exhibit, distribute, communicate to the general public or a restricted public its image for any advertising, promotional and/or illustration purpose, for internal and external use, in all necessary formats, for a duration of ten (10) years, throughout the world and for any and all media, including notably: brochures, magazines, newsletters, Intranet, Internet including social media, any interactive communication system for mobile phones, Extranet, motion pictures, videotape, CD, CD-ROM, DVD, USB keys, billboards or signs, media stock photography (also called photo archive, picture library, image bank or photo bank) including any Media Library of the LafargeHolcim Group, mailings, leaflets, catalogues, posters, print media, packaging and point of sales materials, rates, promotional materials (pin’s, t-shirts, key rings...) through any material which could be used for advertising, promotional and/or illustration purposes internally or externally to the LafargeHolcim Group.


The Participant acknowledges the confidentiality of all information and documents which have been shared with him/her throughout the Competition.

During the whole duration of the Competition and after its term, the Participant will not directly or indirectly use or share any information with any third party, unless s/he has obtained a written authorization to do so, delivered by the Organizer beforehand. This applies to all information and documents shared with him/her by the Organizer and its affiliated companies or shared with him/her indirectly upon the execution of the Competition.

The Participant commits to return any document containing confidential information transmitted to her/him in the course of the Competition, on the Organizer’s simple request. These confidentiality obligations are valid for five (5) years from the start of the Phase 2 mentioned in Article 3 of the present T&C.


The collection and processing of personal data relating to the Registrant/Participant by BeMyApp and/or the Organizer is primarily intended to ensure that the Competition will be properly completed and in particular to allow the Organizer to contact the winning Participants and to award them the prize in an efficient way and, if the case arises, to publish the list of the winning Participants.

Personal Data you submit when you participate in the Competition will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy http://privacy.bemyapp.com/ and applicable data protection laws.

Registrants and Participants have the right to access, update and/or obtain deletion of their data by requesting directly to BeMyApp at the address 86 rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris or by going to data.bemyapp.com.


The Participant warrants that:

- The creations, prototypes, results and deliverables have not been copied wholly or in part from any other work or materials;

- The Participant is the sole legal and beneficial owner of the Copyright and all intellectual property rights on the prototypes, creations and results of the Competition;

- The creations, prototypes and results are not subject to any licence, mortgage, charge or other encumbrance;

The Participant warrants the Organizer uncontested and exclusive possession, use, reproduction and exploitation of the creations and all deliverables from any complaint which may come from any person involved in the creations and results and in particular, without limitation, employees, former employees, trainees, freelancers or sub-contractors.

The Participant also warrants the Organizer that the creations, prototypes, results and deliverables in any way whatsoever will not infringe the intellectual property of any third party.

It is specified that, in case of any infringement, the Participant undertakes to immediately propose for free a new creation/prototype or result to the Organizer.

The Participant shall indemnify and keep the Organizer and its affiliated companies indemnified against any and all losses, liabilities, actions, claims, proceedings, damages and costs (including legal costs) sustained or incurred by the Organizer and its affiliated companies as a result of any breach by the Participant of the warranties set out above.

In addition, the Participant shall, at the request of the Organizer, provide such assistance as the Organizer may reasonably request to enable the Organizer and its affiliated companies to defend any action, claim or proceedings brought against the Organizer and its affiliated companies as a consequence of any such breach.


BeMyApp reminds Participants about the characteristics, limitations and risks of the Internet network and accepts no responsibility for any consequences that may occur while they are connected to the event websites (Registration and Ideation Platform) and during their participation in the Competition.

BeMyApp and/or the Organizer shall not be made responsible if Participants cannot connect to the Registering Website and the Ideation Platform of the event due to a technical fault or in the event of any problem linked namely, and not exclusively, to (1) network overload, (2) an electric or human error, (3) any malicious intervention, (4) any issue related to a phone line, (5) any issue related to hardware or software, (6) a hardware or software malfunction, (7) a case of emergency, (8) disruptions that may affect the smooth running of the Competition.

It is the Participant’s responsibility to take appropriate measures to protect his/her own data and/or software located on his/her computer equipment, against any violation. The Participant’s connection to the event websites (Registration and Ideation Platform) and their participation in the Competition is made under their own and sole responsibility. BeMyApp and the Organizer shall not be held responsible for any infection by potential viruses on the Participant’s computer equipment, or of the intrusion of a third party into their computer system.

BeMyApp and the Organizer shall not be held responsible if, for any reason, data related to a Participant’s registration doesn’t reach them or is illegible or impossible to process.

BeMyApp and the Organizer reserve the right to exclude any Participant or person disrupting the Competition’s smooth running. They reserve the right to use any recourse, including to bring any relevant legal or administrative proceedings against anyone suspected of cheating, falsifying, or disrupting the process described in the Terms and Conditions. Any Participant deemed by the Organizer or by BeMyApp to have disrupted the Competition in any manner whatsoever, will be deprived of the right to participate in the Competition and to obtain any prize, and no claim shall be entertained.

Participants agree to respect all rules and instructions given by the Organizer and any company of LafargeHolcim Group in terms of Safety and Security, as well as internal rules, policy and instructions. Failure to respect such rules and internal policy will result in immediate exclusion of the Participant from the Competition, without compensation of any kind and with no reimbursement of travel costs.

Participants remain solely and entirely responsible for the damages caused by them or their equipment to goods or people during the Competition. They should make sure they have covered their risks by their own insurance and they waive all claims against the Organizer, any company of LafargeHolcim Group and/or BeMyApp in that respect.


The present Terms & Conditions are accessible on the event Registration Website https://zerocarbonhack.bemyapp.com/ during the full duration of the Competition.

Participation in the Competition implies full acceptance without reservation of the present regulation by the Participant. Participation in the Competition is strictly personal and the Participant cannot, under any circumstances, be replaced.

Any controversy or controversy or claim relating to the Competition, should be made by writing no later than one (1) month from the end of the Competition as indicated in Article 1. Any issue or observation submitted later than this deadline may not be taken into consideration. Any practical difficulty arising from the application, interpretation or implementation of the present regulation will be dealt and settled supremely by the Organizer in accordance with French legislation. These decisions shall be final and cannot be challenged. Each Participant is hereby informed of and consequently accepts the fact that all decisions of the Organizer with regard to the application of the present Rules and regulation is final and cannot be challenged, and shall not establish any entitlement to a refund, exchange, compensation and/or negotiation of any kind.

The present T&Cs and any contractual and non-contractual disputes in connection with them shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of France, without regard to its conflict of laws principles.


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